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HyperGlaze 10.4 – glaze software for artists

HyperGlaze is free during the current pandemic!

In light of the shutdown of most ceramics programs and teaching going online, I'm making HyperGlaze a free download!
Click the link below to go to the download page. The small print: no support and no free updates after this unless
you purchase HyperGlaze. Have your students learn glaze calculation and learn about glazes. Free tutorials, too!

CLICK to download your FREE copy of HyperGlaze!

Easy to use, intuitive, educational, affordable.Learn how glazes work.
Keep your recipes organized, print container labels with safety/hazard info, and MUCH more.
New features include easier updates, simpler backup of your recipe data.
Compatible with Windows 10 and Macintosh OS X versions 10.12 through Big Sur.

FREE updates for current owners. Contact Richard Burkett.
Current HyperGlaze version is 10.4 - highly recommended for ALL users. MacOS 11 Big Sur, MacOS Monterrey, and Mac M1 compatible

Credit card purchases accepted as well as purchase orders from schools.
Square Invoices available for easy, safe payments – email me.
New Site License terms give your enrolled students their own copy to keep. See order form.

HyperGlaze is written and maintained by Richard Burkett, who started writing it on a Mac Plus in 1988 using the HyperCard language. It's now written using some amazing software called LiveCode that creates both a Macintosh and Windows version from a single code source. Look for an Android and iOS version some day in (I hope!) the near future. I hope you like HyperGlaze. Let me know.

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Owner information is NOT kept online, and is NEVER shared.